Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Wish you could have flowers in your house everyday? Well now you can! Ok, maybe not fresh flowers, but paper flowers. I'm totally obsessed with making these paper flowers right now thanks to my new book, Martha Stewart craft ideas. So easy to make and endless types of sizes, shapes and color combos. I'm hosting an outdoor baby shower in May and I plan to dangle these off tree branches. I know! So cute, right?

P.S. Just bought a lemon tree and a lime tree. I'll try to post pics later. You are gonna want one!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Valentine Treats

My sweet husband bought me a much-wanted juicer for Valentine's Day, so I decided to thank him by baking some delicious Cherry Turnovers.
Growing up, my mom always made the cherry turnovers that come out of a box and I confess, they were so good. But I decided to try using puff pastry because I had some in the freezer. I also made a glaze for the top which to me, makes a good turnover. Enjoy!

And my new favorite toy.