Thursday, November 20, 2008

Blanket Time

Today I started a new thing called Blanket Time with Kate. It's a designated time during the day where I limit Kate to only play on a blanket with a few toys. I don't allow her to get off the blanket until I tell her Blanket Time is over. Up til now, she has done this in her playpen and eventually she will go to what's called Room Time. I know. Lots to learn. I'm hoping this will help us to be more structured with our time, teach her how to play by herself, and it is always a good opportunity for her to learn more obedience. :) I started today with 10 mins. on the blanket. I explained the rules to her and made it seems fun (clapping hands, excited face, you know the routine). Kate was awesome and couldn't wait to start playing. She sat there the entire time reading to herself and then playing with her ball. She loved it...thank goodness! I'm hoping to incorporate this into our daily routine. Wish me luck! Above is a picture from our time. Isn't she the sweetest thing. Oh I love her. One other funny Kate story (sorry, braggy mother time) yesterday morning when I went in to get her up, I was shocked to walk in and she my daughter buck naked! And she was dancing around in her crib. Somehow she had managed to unbutton her pajamas and take them and her diaper off. I couldn't resist calling Brent in just to look at her happy face. I did have to clean up tee-tee from everything but what a fun memory to add to my heart. She is so ridiculously awesome. Can't wait to see what she will do today.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Good Article

I thought this was a blog-worthy article. Makes a great point:

The Treatment of Bush has been a disgrace.